Who are we

Who are we.
Flairher is a slow fashion label, creating high quality designs with a timeless character. We create garments for the modern and conscious woman, who wants to make a difference and look good while doing so.

We want to make the people and our planet; flourish.

We made it our mission to make the fashion industry more transparent, socially fair and sustainable.


We are
As a brand we committed ourselves to work according the following principles:

- We believe transparency is key. As a brand, we are committed to bring insight in our full supply chain to make sure all people working on our garments have save, respectful and ethical working conditions. We will do our best to inform our community and be open about all our practices. Our goal is to connect you with our partners and processes as much as possible.



Our story.
Flairher means ‘talent’ or ‘talented’ in Papiamento; the local language of Curacao, summarizing the core for the concept of Flairher. We want to make the people and our planet; talented.



Founder of Flairher